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Internet marketing strategies are an indispensable part of the business plan. As commerce continues to go global and even the local businesses depend on reviews and listings on search maps, companies that lack an easy-to-find, accessible website, will fail to reach the customers need. Local and global visibility begins on the web. Having a sound Internet marketing strategy ensures the best chance of success. There are a lot of great ways to market online and we stay on top of all the latest techniques.
Here are just a few we can teach you about...

  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    Pay as little as a dollar for each new confirmed visitor to your website. Pay-Per-Click ads on sites like Google and Facebook are a fast and simple way to expand the reach of your website. It’s a marketing tool that can offer instant results and huge rewards. It’s also highly measurable which means you can make regular adjustments to your strategy in order to improve your results. We can manage it all on your behalf. Or, we can set up a PPC account for you, provide a personal tutorial, and answer any questions you have.

  • Search Engine Ranking

    A website is like a business card -- it does not matter how pretty it is if no one sees it. Being well ranked in search engines is one of the best ways to bring people to your website, but search engines will not promote your website unless they know about it. From search engine registration to link farming, we know how to get search engines to include your listing high in their search results to enable customers to find your website quickly and easily.

  • Social Media Marketing

    From reputation management to product promotions, there are thousands of inexpensive marketing opportunities on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Foursquare, Yelp, and more. Spread news about your coupons, sales and new products by letting others do most of the work for you. Good ads that go viral can get you a lot of free advertising. You can also counter negative reviews by encouraging happy customers to defend you. Take advantage of all the easy ways to boost your profile and bring in sales.

  • Mobile Shopping Carts

    Selling products or services online has never been easier. We can set up a shopping cart you can manage on your own, adding and editing products whenever you like. New shopping cart templates are easy and inexpensive. You can even save on set-up costs by paying a small monthly fee for the shopping cart service. Payments go straight to your bank.

Digital Security

From secure website sales, back-up "cloud" computing, to the best encrypted email software, we offer everything to make sure your data is safe. Let us evaluate your current data security system to make sure your business and personal information is protected against financial and identity theft.

Affiliate Programs

Make money on your website! Through services like Google Adsense and Affiliates, companies will pay YOU to advertise on your website. These services are also a great way to let other sites promote your company.

Mobile-friendly Websites

From custom mobile websites to apps designed to attract customers, we offer everything you need. Mobile web browsing is becoming the most popular way for customers to shop online. Don’t miss out.

Web-based Solutions

We can handle all you software and computer security Needs. Our maintenance and support service team provides our clients with enhancements for technology improvements, superior functionality and modern industry standards along with the access to the professionals in our software support centers.

  • Direct access to our experienced consultants

  • Web hosting support on our secure servers

  • Around-the-clock problem diagnosis

  • flexible Content Management Systems

  • Help with automatic back-up services

  • Security encryption certificate set up

  • Custom software for your particular needs

  • Microsoft Office Development & Integration

  • Microsoft Certified Professionals

  • SaaS setup and tutorials

  • Networking and Network Monitoring

  • Emailing services - Antivirus & SPAM consulting

  • Hack testing and prevention solutions

  • Server Installations & Decommissions


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